Pathé Marconi

an opened Pathe Marconi

A Pathé Marconi "la voix de son maître" ("voice of his master") black and white tube from the 60s, perhaps early 70s. I don't actually know the exact model number, as its unlabeled. I do know it's not an original design by P&M, as there is this ad that shows the exact same set sold as a Téléavia. As with all of these French sets, it's a Thomson chassis and tube.

A Téléavia ad poster

It was gifted to me by friends, along with the Portavia. It was the former TV of one's grandparents, and had been sitting in an attic for years. A short while after I got it and tried turning it on, a RIFA cap it had blew, which at the time scared the shit out of me. Other than that it had the issue of the electron gun always being at full blast, meaning it was displaying a pure white image instead of the signal coming out of the modulator. It fixed itself after a full recap.

It uses tuning cogs to tune its six channels. Channels 1 and 6 are following the 819 lines standard (20.4 khz) while the others are at 15.7 Khz.

Tuning cogs are always cool

I'm overall really proud of having fixed it. It's now my go-to set to watch old black and white media. I had fun doing a shoddy recording of it playing the Lain opening on the day I got it to work, which you can see below.