PowerMac G4 Cube

A little computer I am quite fond of : the powerMac G4 cube. Despite all its flaws, I can't help but love it. This one was my father's back when I was a kid. The design-obssessed man he is couldn't resist buying one of them instead of an objectively-better G4 or G5. It's the first computer I vividly remember. After he switched to a Mac Mini (notice the theme ?), it was used by my grandmother until about 2011. I recently picked it up there, and have been fiddling with it since.

It's in a mostly great physical shape, and mostly complete. The speakers have started to have their moss desintegrate but still work. I do own the keyboard but it is currently being used by someone. I'm missing the original mouse oufortunately, but that shouldn't be too hard to find.

As of this writing, it is equipped with a 450 Mhz processor and 896 MBytes of RAM, as well as a 20 GBytes HDD. I say "as of this writing" because I have quite a few plans to upgrade it (at least in terms of RAM and HDD). It runs Mac Os X Tiger, and unfortunately has no OS9 ("Classic") install. The disk drive still reads disks well, though the motor can't spit them back up when ejecting them... I have plans to check on that in the future as well. Lastly the clock battery is dead, which should be an easy switch. The plan is to hopefully make it as usable as possible in a modern way without fundamentally changing the insides.