Panasonic Quintrix TC-800EUD

A panasonic quintrix playing DKC

A small 8" semi-pro set by panasonic. By that I mean it doesn't have the visual sharpness of a true professional monitor, but still has a quality build and neat options, like audio/video out. Contrary to actual pro sets, it also has an rf tuner on top of composite. PAL only, no SECAM. It's actually older than one might think seeing that shiny silver colour, dating from the first half of the 80s. It sports the old (and admittedly very pretty and modern) Quintrix logo

closeup of Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES) on a quintrix

The high pitch/size ratio makes sprites really blend together.

I actually own two of them, which I bought together. One of them came complete in box and with cable, the other alone. Outside of the one without box being slightly dirty on the outside, they're both in pristine condition. I doubt they've been used much before me, if at all. An interesting thing to note however is that they both have a small red button on top, labelled "Anwahl Kamera" ("choose Camera" in german), which isn't supposed to be there. When I got them, that button was wired directly to the audio in port (which meant that port didn't work). I am guessing it was a makeshift mod to communicate with an external device in a video-surveillance setup. Since restoring audio, these buttons aren't connected to anything anymore. Outside of that, I didn't have to do any work on any of them. I simply calibrated one for 60hz while the other is still there for 50, so I can use one or the other for video games or media watching if needed. The only puzzling thing is that the video out only puts out the video from an rf signal, and doesn't duplicate the composite entry. I don't know if that was meant to be so or if it is also the consequence of a previous mod. They work on both 220V or 12V, like these small sets usually do.

They have very vibrant pictures, and if like me you're a fan of smooth visuals for pixel art games on CRT you'll love them.