Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 5500

My main living room CRT, a 20inch CRT from Bang & Olufsen, dating from the early 80s. While not as modern in design as the MX series and the likes, it still is very nice looking, with a control panel that pops out and has lots of neat-feeling pots to fiddle with. Has an RGB SCART port on the back, through which it also accepts PAL and SECAM composite. As is expected with B&O, the sound is fantastic, with three different speekers and individual pots for highs and lows adjustments. It's just a slight shame I don't have the stereo model... It does have DIN5 ports on the back, so I could run balanced audio from it should I want to.

While it is in great exterior condition, it does show some signs of age, with sharpness being uneven and on the low side in corners. It's a good thing I enjoy smoother looking tubes. When I got it, it was suffering from an issue where it'd loose the picture after warming up. It ended up being the heater pin on the neckboard being cracked, which took a few seconds to fix (after a few days of searching haha). On the plus side, I've never worked on a set this easy to service, especially not of that age : everything opens up and you can slide individual boards out. The individual boards are connected with detachable connectors to each other. Truly bliss.